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Model Information: 5'9" / WOMEN / US / semi long hair

A few of us may be asking what will be dominating our closets in 2017? According to many trend forecasting sites, including Pinterest, ’80s fashion will be the biggest trend of all. Now I am not a huge advocate of following trends, but I do appreciate when fashion takes inspiration from revived decades. The ’80s have been gaining momentum for a few seasons now, which is why I wanted to share a few style tips on how to help you manage creating a ’80s look the modern way:

Don’t Look Like You Are Wearing a Costume

This one is important to keep in mind because the 80s were a wild time. Everything in fashion was made to stand out in an unapologetically bold way. Between power suits to shoulder pads, there wasn’t a ’80s look that didn’t look like a style statement. The best way to bring this decade into the millennium is to practice subtlety. Try not to overdo your look, let one standout piece of ’80s fashion do all the talking and accessorize minimally.

But Still Be Daring

Just because your outfit isn’t over the top, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take chances with what you wear. The ’80s were when many distinct styles came into fruition, think acid wash jeans, white shoes, and leg warmers. So if that means you want to wear acid wash jeans on your next date night, more power to you…Be fearless in the way you dress and have fun with the retro styles that made this decade one for the style books!

2017/02/04 12:29:07

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