Ana Prodanovich

Ana Prodanovich

  • 5'9"
  • United States
  • semi long hair

Ana Prodanovich│Flynn Skye One piece dress Looks

Model Information: 5'9" / WOMEN / US / semi long hair

Flynn Skye’s clothing is designed with a free-spirited girl in mind. The idea is to be able to wake up in the morning, throw a Flynn Skye dress on for a coffee run, and then carry on to a day filled with meetings. It is the perfect brand for when you want to look great, but wear something functional at the same time. What’s amazing about their styles is they can also be worn anywhere. Although I am vacationing in PS, I look forward to wearing this dress once I get back to The City. I mean, who doesn’t want a dress that can be worn bi-coastally?

2017/04/21 11:10:13

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  • nao@pinoko



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