Ankur Bagai

Ankur Bagai

  • 5'11"
  • MEN
  • India
  • 21Age
  • medium hair

Ankur Bagai│Roadster Denim pants Looks

Model Information: 5'11" / MEN / IN / 21Age / medium hair

It’s Comic-Con week, so I’ll post photos from Comic Con which post my outfits and face paints from the Comic Con weekend. Also! I didn’t had anyone on Sunday to click my pictures, so, you’ll get a timelapse Video instead of photos on YouTube.
My Outfit:
Leather Jacket - Local Craftmen
T-Shirt - @decathlonsportsindia
Slash Knee Denim - @theroadsterlife
Shoes - @nike Air Presto x @off____white Black
Key Chain - @amazondotin
Watch - @gshock_casio_official

2018/12/11 21:26:07

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