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  • 5'10"
  • MEN

shop staff DoronMerav│DoronMerav Ring Looks

Model Information: 8'0" / WOMEN

A handmade 18K white gold leaves ring set with a clear diamond.

This ring is set with a clear diamond but can be set with any stone you choose, please contact me for a quote.

Diamond -

Weight - 0.3ct
Color - G
Clarity - SI1

If you are looking at this ring then you are probably looking for something special, something different.
The engagement rings I design are made or 100% recycled gold and none conflict diamonds in high quality.
After I am sure you have seen a huge variety of engagement rings I am guessing you get the feeling that they all look pretty much alike, maybe you even had the notion that you have seen some designs more than once with different designers.
An engagement ring is one of the most cherished, unique jewels which expresses the love and the connection between two people.
A ring like that just has to be unique and I believe a "standard" design is just not enough.
This is a ring that would stand out and express how unique you are.

2014/06/19 23:08:25

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