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WEAR features

How to save looks and items to your folders

When you find something that you'd like to see again, save it by clicking on the + button, and then select a folder you'd like to add it to. If you cannot find an appropreate folder, you can create a new one. You have the option to make your folders private/ public.

How to post a Look

To post a Look, go to your My Page or an item page

① Select a photo to post
② Add featured items in your look
[Add item details]
-Search from WEAR database
-Choose from your closet
-Add a new item to your closet
③ Enter text, hashtags, gender, and select private or public
④ Click on upload

How to add items to your closet

The 2 ways to add items:
-Search from the WEAR data base
-Add a new item of your own

To add a new item:
① Upload the item image
② Enter item name, category, color, etc.
③ Register it as a item in your closet

How to report

Please report us if you come across spam or offensive material. The best way to report is by using the report button that appears near the content itself, which is included in a "…"symbol located basically on the top right of the screen.

Official users.

WEARISTA / Shop Staff / Salon Staff / Brand sponsored users have an official mark on their profile.


Fashion leaders such as actors, actresses, models, TV talents, designers, bloggers and popular WEAR users.

Brand sponsored users

Users who are officially sponsored by certain brands.

Shop Staff

Shop staff and press team members representing the brands.

Salon Staff

Fashionable staff representing their salons.

About video functions

You can post videos in the app.

Please check here for the video function.