Jessika Rodriguez

Jessika Rodriguez

  • 5'8"
  • United States
  • medium hair

Jessika Rodriguez is wearing Arturo Chiang

2016/11's Popular Looks No.4


Jessika Rodriguez│Arturo Chiang Other Shoes Looks

Model Information: 5'8" / WOMEN / US / medium hair

This 90s inspired outfit started out with these awesome dark washed H&M high waisted jeans. They totally reminded me of Jennifer Aniston when she was on Friends. I took more of a loose 'grunge' look with this outfit. I paired the jeans with this striped crop top. Which shows off my vintage metallic belt. Since Vans were all of the rage, I went with white leather cross weaved slip ons. I also wore a beanie to complete the look. And instead of a hoodie I opted out for a black cardigan to bring this look to 2016. I finished off the look with pin-straight hair, heavy eyeliner, and a dark lip.

I hope y'all like it!

2016/11/08 15:48:03

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2016/11's Popular LooksNo.4

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