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Let’s get personal. Let’s get real.

Exactly two weeks ago, Fox News aired a racist segment poking fun at Asians in Chinatown. As I am representing the asian community as a fashion blogger in the industry, I felt the responsibility to respond and be a voice in this matter. To use my platform, my blog, my influence the best way I know how and to reflect and tell my story. To reflect a positive light on Chinatown. To raise awareness on the type of racism and massively spread stereotypes we still face today. To break away from that and show the world otherwise. Be a voice for the voiceless. Speak up for those who can’t (in this case, the elderly that don’t speak English being interviewed about Trump). It hurts to think that had my immigrant parents been in that video, they would’ve had trouble speaking English and therefore be mocked, harassed, and embarrassed.

I am frustrated.

READ ON & respond on my latest blog post

2016/10/18 03:44:31

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Levitate Style's Comment


  • DiDi@dianaj35

    Do you have a link to your blog? I'd to check it out.


  • Levitate Style@levitatestyle


    Hey! Thanks for reaching out :) It's www.levitatestyle.com

  • Fabiola Emmanuel@chapt123

    Perfect look from head to toe .


  • Levitate Style@levitatestyle


    Thank you so much!

  • SK@stylesforthought

    Love your style! So sleek


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