Now you can monetize your
posts on WEAR.

Get an affiliate commission from ShopStyle Collective
each time someone shops from your posts.

What is Collective?

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Getting started is easy!

Click the ‘Get Started’ button below to log in to WEAR and add your Collective ID to your WEAR account.

Learn how to add your Collective ID

Once your accounts are connected, the items in your MY LISTS on Collective will be automatically added to your WEAR closet.

Tag the items in your post to WEAR with as many of the items from your closet as you’d like.

You can get paid on a per-click basis from your WEAR post. The rate you are paid per-click depends on volume and quality of the traffic.

How to add your Collective ID


Copy your Collective API key & username from your Collective account settings page.


Click on “Get started” below to connect your Collective account to WEAR.
Then, simply paste your Collective API key & username and click "Register".

What is Collective?

ShopStyle Collective is a global monetization and media platform for elite publishers and influencers. Creating an account is easy and once you’re approved you can earn money by using Collective’s links whenever you’re directing your audience to a retailer.

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